Valor Distribution and MyAirShield™ are committed to making the world safe so people can get back to living, working and playing. MyAirShield™ is an FDA Registered Class 1 Device. This patented product saves lives by eliminating harmful contaminants from the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch. Our mission is to deliver personal protection, improved health, and peace of mind to every person in every nation. We are committed to protecting the health of humanity and healing the planet. The original MyAirShield™ Badge is the first portable air sanitizer that is clinically tested and approved, including for efficacy against Corona variants. It is easy to use and provides an extra layer of defense for you throughout your day.

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Tests show the MyAirShield™ agent is highly effective against a large variety of airborne pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, and spores. Tests that have been conducted include release rates, toxicity levels and efficiency - including effectiveness against corona variants. MyAirShield™ collaborates with well-known laboratories to ensure a broad range of testing based on international standards. Additionally, independent third-party studies, including one conducted by a US-based, high-complexity CLIA Lab, confirm the product’s efficiency at a 99.9% kill rate on Staph infections, several Influenza viruses, COVID-19 and more.


MyAirShield™ is an advanced disinfectant device that helps sanitize the air around the person wearing the device by spreading a low concentration of stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) molecules, one of the best agents against bacteria, viruses and fungus. The patented MyAirShield™ granules provide up to 90 days of active air purification. This makes it perfect for use in crowded indoor environments and other high-risk areas such as planes, trains, cars, elevators, classrooms, offices, conference rooms and hospitals. MyAirShield™ delivers health benefits everywhere it is used, including at home.

MyAirShield™ is easy to use, just open the sealed package inside the box, take out the badge and attach it to your shirt, hang it around your neck with our convenient lanyard, or place it anywhere that cleaner air is desired.

Chlorine Dioxide has been used for treating drinking water since 1944. More recent developments have extended its application to food processing, disinfection of premises and vehicles, mold eradication, air disinfection, odor control, treatment of swimming pools, dental applications, and wound cleansing. As a result of the patented, low-level, slow release of Chlorine Dioxide, MyAirShield™ is able to provide this highly effective disinfectant to people for protection against airborne and surface-based viruses, bacteria, molds, and spores.


MyAirShield™ has conducted significant tests that have shown the product to be safe for human use. Based on the ventilation in any given enclosed space, the levels of ClO2 average approximately one hundred (100) times lower than defined safety levels by the EPA. Tests on oral toxicity, inhalation toxicity and skin corrosion were conducted, all showing that the MyAirShield™ patented granules are safe when used as defined on the product’s packaging.

The science behind chlorine dioxide is well understood and has been thoroughly studied and documented over decades of commercial and medical use. Chlorine dioxide was discovered in 1811 by Sir Humprey Davy and has been widely used to safely eliminate harmful pathogens such as virus bacteria and fungus from water, food, and medical equipment and in countless other applications. It is widely accepted by the EPA and other commercial industries as a very effective tool against harmful pathogens. There is nothing new or revolutionary about Chlorine Dioxide. What is new and very revolutionary is what becomes possible through our patented technology when applied to Chlorine Dioxide. This patented and extensively tested technology allows for a controlled slow release of its vapor. This controlled slow-release technology means that we can now use this remarkable and well-understood tool to safely sanitize the air around us!

You may wonder how this technology can succeed in killing harmful pathogens yet have no adverse effects on humans. It is pretty simple. The molecular size of the vapor is small enough to penetrate fungus, bacteria, and viruses, but is too small to impact human cells or the good bacteria that we want to protect. Additionally, human cells have the advantage of being able to break down the vapor into ions which the body uses every day for physiological processes in turn preventing its accumulation inside of the cell and thus avoiding damage.

It is truly remarkable protection! 

It is made possible by the patented technology used to control the release of the vapor! In fact, the amount of vapor this technology releases is an average of 20 times lower than the FDA-stated levels for safe human exposure. How does the vapor release? When CO2 or humidity come in contract with the MyAirShield™ pearls, vapors are naturally generated into the surrounding atmosphere. For the very best protection, you will want to ensure the MyAirShield™ device is within 2 feet of your face and ensure open-air access, meaning you would not want to store it in your purse or pocket. Wearing the lanyard with the badge, clipped to your shirt, or simply placed on your work surface is perfect!


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